It seems that the Canadian stock market is at a crossroads. Is the value higher? Or is it growth? Well, at least for the first half of 2021, it’s been a bit of both. the S & P / TSX Composite Index is up almost 16% since the start of the year. While this was supported by a massive recovery in the energy, finance, real estate and materials sectors, it was also supported by some of Canada‘s best-known growth stocks.

A balance between growth and value stocks in your portfolio seems like an ideal mix. With growth stocks, you benefit from favorable long-term winds that transform the world. With the value, you can play the immediate recovery trends that occur in the economy. With that in mind, here are three of my favorite Canadian stocks to own for the rest of the summer.

My favorite Canadian value stock

Brookfield Asset Management (TSX: BAM.A) (NYSE: BAM) isn’t just one of my favorite Canadian stocks to buy in the summer; it’s one of my favorite actions, period. Canada has one of the biggest and biggest asset managers, and hardly any Canadian knows it. Brookfield manages over $ 600 billion in assets. She manages everything from debt to insurance to real estate and infrastructure.

Not only are investors exposed to a very diverse asset offering, they also have a management team to oversee them. This company has grown its fee income by a compound annual growth rate of 22% since 2017. It is expanding its fund offering and it is not unpredictable that it could reach $ 1 trillion in assets in the year. over the next few years. Overall, this Canadian stock is just a great foundation for any portfolio.

My favorite growth stock

Many investors may not know this, but Cargo plane (TSX: CJT) has been one of the top performers on the TSX for the past few years. Since its creation, it has achieved a yield of nearly 2,000% (excluding dividends)! The stock has fallen back since last year, but it could present an attractive buying opportunity.

Cargojet is like the sky railway. It provides the largest overnight air freight network in Canada. Its flights serve nearly 90% of the Canadian population. With same-day and two-day delivery becoming the norm for e-commerce shipping, Cargojet is expected to benefit from ever-increasing shipping volumes.

Likewise, Cargojet plans to expand its services internationally. Although it may take time to build its infrastructure, it could be an important opportunity for the future.

My favorite Canadian tech title

As the world becomes more and more digital, many companies are looking for solutions to adapt. Telus International (TSX: TIXT) (NYSE: TIXT) is perfectly positioned here. It provides digital solutions to some of the world’s largest technology companies. She has particular expertise in the digital customer experience.

Last year, it acquired Lionbridge AI, a leader in data annotation and machine translation services. Last week, it acquired Playment, a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and LiDAR. Clearly, Telus International is positioning itself to be a leading provider of AI services.

This Canadian title grows by + 30% per year, but it is also very profitable! Given this seemingly rare mix, this is a tech action that still looks reasonably priced today.

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Fool contributor Robin Brown owns shares of Brookfield Asset Management Inc. CL.A LV and TELUS International (Cda) Inc. Motley Fool owns shares and recommends Brookfield Asset Management and CARGOJET INC. The Motley Fool recommends Brookfield Asset Management Inc. CL. An LV.



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