Although there are still concerns about how unsecured lending apps deal with loan recovery in Nigeria, this has had very little effect on the growth and popularity of these platforms in Nigeria. This growing popularity and patronage can be attributed to two factors; the speed of loan disbursement, the “without guarantee” clause, the personalized repayment plan, less documentation, etc. In this article, we will list some reliable platforms to get fast unsecured loans in Nigeria in 2022.


Aella-Credit develops systems that make it easier to get loans in Africa. The organization, which primarily specializes in finance and employee empowerment, partnered with Nigeria’s three leading credit reporting companies to provide its clients with quick and affordable loans with little paperwork. Interest rates on Aella Credit loans are usually between 4 and 29% and the term of the loan is usually 30 to 60 days.

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With over 5 million mobile app downloads, Palmcredit is one of the most downloaded loan apps in Nigeria – and arguably one of the most trafficked. On Palmcredit, you can get a loan of up to N300,000 within 3 minutes of applying. You also don’t need collateral to apply for a loan on the app.


FairMoney is another popular loan app in Nigeria. It also sits atop with Palmcredit as one of the most downloaded lending apps in Nigeria. Loan amounts on FiarMoney range from 1,500 Naira to 500,000 Naira, and you get a repayment period of between 61 days and 180 days. Moreover, FiarMoney has a pretty decent exchange rate of 10% to 30%.

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Carbon is an easy-to-use fully online lending platform that provides quick loans to Nigerian residents and small businesses to help them with unexpected costs or urgent financial needs. You can get a loan of up to 500,000 naira using Carbon, without any collateral. Funds are normally sent within 1-3 business days of your request being accepted. You may be able to get a loan with a higher credit limit if you make payments on time.


KiaKia is a digital money lender for Nigerian businesses. Millions of individuals and SMEs with no credit history can obtain direct, peer-to-peer personal and business loans from KiaKia through its patented credit scoring and credit risk assessment system, which uses psychometrics, big data , machine learning and digital forensics. The word “KiaKia” is a Nigerian abbreviation which means “fast”. They argue that the response is not only quick and easy, but also very efficient and productive.

In conclusion, to access fast loans without collateral on any of these platforms in Nigeria, all you need is your smartphone and a means of identification (national identity card (NIN), bank verification number ( BVN), etc). Also, you will have to cede the confidentiality of your contact list to them. Each contact on this list will be contacted if you are unable to issue a refund.

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