HThere is an updated list of all the energy providers that have collapsed since August.

1. Avro Energy

The Leicestershire-based company – which was voted Uswitch’s Best Value Energy Supplier in 2019 – has become the seventh energy supplier to collapse since August, leaving behind 580,000 customers.

2. Green supplier

The Newcastle-based company, which provides 250,000 homes, became the latest provider to collapse on Wednesday. Earlier this week, the company said: “Green is concerned that small energy providers are being left behind by the government.”

3. Service point

The Dorset-based company went out of business on September 14, blaming a “perfect storm” of factors which included “extreme weather conditions leading to a global gas supply shortage, inability to provide timely and necessary maintenance generators causing multiple sites to be taken offline simultaneously, lower exports from Russia and increased demand. ”

4. People’s energy

People’s Energy of Edinburgh closed last week as Ofgem appointed British Gas to service its 350,000 customers.

5. Energy PPP

The Lancashire PFP collapsed on September 7, affecting 80,000 domestic customers and 5,000 foreign customers.

6. MoneyPlus Energy

Around 9,000 UK customers were affected by the MoneyPlus collapse in early September.

7. Energy HUB

Preston-based HUB collapsed in August, with its 15,000 UK customers transferred to EON Next by Ofgem.


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