Airtel Kenya has partnered with Longhorn Publishers to provide free internet access, on their network, to enable students to continue learning through the Longhorn e-learning platform.

It was after the Kenyan government ordered schools to be closed as part of the fight against Kenya’s coronavirus crisis. This service will be available only to Airtel subscribers.

This Airtel initiative will allow students to continue their learning process even if they cannot attend regular classroom sessions with their teachers at school during these difficult times.

Airtel Kenya Chief Executive Officer Prasanta Das Sarma pointed out that a good number of students are already using the portal since its launch two days ago, saying he would be delighted to receive feedback on their experience in the hope the offer will ease the pressure on parents, giving them time to accomplish more while working from home during this unprecedented time while students learn at home.

Longhorn e-learning platform allows students to study and review online is available on the website elearning.longhornpublishers.com. It will be available free of charge to all Airtel data subscribers from today until schools reopen. The hardware is also accessible on SMS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.


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