NEW YORK, September 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – All Ships Investors (ASI), a strategic alternative finance company with expertise in residential mortgages and private lending, is delighted to announce a new partnership as part of its advice to Percent, a company Leading Financial Technology and Alternative Investment Platform.

ASI and Percent deepen their historic relationship in a new partnership with Indigoblue, a Canadian originator of residential mortgages. This partnership expands Percent’s capital markets and technology suite to a new geography and asset class, and is the latest in a series of new partnerships between Percent and a growing number of private credit asset originators.

Percent provides accredited investors with uncorrelated, transparent and high yield investment products while providing non-dilutive growth capital to its origination partners.

At September 21st, 2021 Percentage closed IDG Residential Mortgage Sr. 2021-1, a $ 2,500,000 private debt agreement backed by Canadian residential mortgages issued by Indigoblue. The deal, originally announced on September 9e, 2021 as $ 2,000,000 issue with an eleven-day investment window, experienced unprecedented demand to participate, leading to oversubscription in the first three days, increased by 25% to $ 2,500,000 and receive full funding after just six days on the market – five days ahead of schedule.

“Percent is excited to develop a relationship with Indigoblue as both companies continue to make expected improvements to their industries,” said Prath Reddy, President of Percent. “We are particularly happy to join forces with an initiator who brings new visibility to both Canada and the real estate sector, as we strive to provide additional diversification opportunities to our investors. Our long-standing relationship with the All Ships Investors team, who acted as strategic advisors on this transaction, has contributed to our expansion into new asset classes and geographies. The results to date speak for themselves. “

“We are thrilled to be the first Canadian alternative residential lender to feature on Percent’s innovative investor platform. Says Indigoblue CEO Harry singh. “The two companies share a common goal of providing easier and more transparent access to alternative investments. Additionally, we are delighted with the information All Ships has provided us and their work in positioning Indigoblue to grow our business from a new perspective. way we could never have done without. All ships and percentage. The fact that we were able to increase our agreement by 25% demonstrates the power of the All Ships and Percentage relationship. “

Wicker diviner, Managing Director of All Ships noted that “The key to the success of this partnership has been the achievement by All Ships of a unique match between Percent’s strategy or the provision of high yielding short-term investments to investors in detail and unique features of the Canadian mortgage market. where short term mortgages are prevalent compared to longer term mortgages in the United States. Being able to combine Percent’s technology and the real estate expertise of All Ships with the underwriting quality of Indigoblue has given us the opportunity to bring a new asset class to retail investors who may not otherwise be able to to access this type of investment. We are delighted with the results achieved so far and look forward to bringing more initiators to the platform in the near future.

All Ships Investors LLC

new YorkAll Ships Investors helps finance the growth of loan originators in the United States and internationally, across multiple asset classes with sources of capital tailored to their product, portfolio characteristics and strategic objectives. If you are interested in exploring funding from All Ships Investors or Percent, contact Quentin English: Tel. : (646) 470-9526 | [email protected]


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