For countless Australians, getting in and out of Ubers is an integral part of their weekly routine.

And if you’re one of the many hoping to speed up support times by earning a coveted five-star rating, it might be easier than you expect.

Catia, one of Australia’s top-rated drivers, who works on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, said her passengers were generally well behaved.

“Welcoming a driver and being quick when the Uber comes is really important,” she said.

“And if it’s a short trip, it might be good to apologize to your driver. For me, that doesn’t bother me, but some riders would appreciate that.

“Definitely don’t leave any mess in the car and try to be ready outside and wait or at least a message to say you’re on your way – it makes things a lot easier.

“At the end of the day, it’s just about respect.”

When it comes to what makes a good driver, Catia believes the recipe for success is simple.

“It all comes down to communication,” she said.

“Definitely greeting your passengers as they enter the car and being friendly and being in a bubbly good mood definitely helps!”

She also said being open to a range of passenger requests can improve the experience for all parties.

“I’m one of those drivers who are very flexible with what passengers want – whether it’s picking up friends or stopping off at Macca’s somewhere en route.”

Since the first Uber ride in Sydney in 2012, Australians have taken more than 700 million Uber rides and ordered more than 450 million meals through Uber Eats.

– and the platform has provided flexible earning opportunities to more than 725,000 drivers and delivery partners.