These Australian Olympians simply refuse to stop partying, and the men’s rugby sevens return flight was apparently an absolute disaster. (Getty)

The Australian men’s rugby team are back in the news, and again, this has nothing to do with their playing on the pitch, but rather their antics off.

Just a few days after being in hot water for apparently leaving the rooms of the Olympic Village under “unacceptable conditions”, the entire team is sanctioned for its actions on its return flight from Japan.

According to Inside the Games, the the team were accused of singing while intoxicated, singing, disturbing the crew and vomiting in their seats and toilets. One toilet was apparently unusable after the guys at Land Down Under were done with it.

This incident prompted Rugby Australia to issue a statement saying: “All members of the men’s rugby sevens team have been reprimanded for this behavior.”

The organization even went so far as to say that “some members of the team will also attend education and counseling sessions regarding behavior and alcohol consumption.”

What might be the most embarrassing part is that Japan Airlines – the airline complaining about Australian antics – is now asking that all Australian Olympians be accompanied by a chaperone… a hard look for grown-ups.

But while the airlines’ claims are serious, some of the rugby players deny the accusations, saying they were not responsible for the mess on the plane.

One player told the Herald Sun, “Well, if you look at where the vomit was, it wasn’t near our seating chart.”

Another source said that “we were garbage on the ground, but we can withhold our alcohol” implying that none of them would have vomited from excessive intoxication as they are drinkers experienced.

On the other hand, some players have questioned why the incident was even such a big deal.

“If someone was sick it wouldn’t be the first time, who cares? a player told the Herald Sun. “Who cares who f — king threw up, it’s not World War III?” ” he added.

Unfortunately for the men’s rugby team, their performance in Tokyo will not do them any favors in the eyes of Rugby Australia, as they lost to Fiji in the quarter-finals, a disappointing result for the fifth-ranked Australian team.

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