If you are a man born on or after 6 April 1951, or a woman born on or after 6 April 1953, you can apply for the UK State Pension.

However, to do this you will need to have at least 10 years of qualification on your national insurance record.

This means that for at least 10 years you have been:

  • working and contributing to national insurance
  • get national insurance credits, for example if you were unemployed, sick or a parent or carer
  • pay voluntary national insurance contributions

This means that if you have already reached retirement age and have just moved to the UK, you will not be entitled to a state pension.

However, if you have moved to the UK and plan to work there for at least 10 years, you may be eligible.

State pension is a payment of £185.15 a week, although the actual amount you will receive depends on how many years you have contributed to your National Insurance record.

If you make a claim, you will receive a letter regarding your payments telling you how they will be paid.

They are usually paid every four weeks into a bank account of your choice.

Your first payment will be made within five weeks of the legal retirement age, if you are entitled to it.

The date your payment is made will depend on your national insurance number.

If it ends in 00 to 19, your payment will be made on a Monday.

Those with NI numbers ending in 20-39 will be paid on Tuesday, while those ending in 40-59 will get their money on Wednesday.

Numbers ending in 60 to 79 will be paid on Thursday and 80 to 99 will receive their money on Friday.

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