Canada’s male players are calling for a review of Canada Soccer’s broadcast and sponsorship deals, equal compensation for female players, and more. (Getty)

Tensions remain high between Canada Soccer and its men’s national team.

On Sunday, Canada was originally scheduled to host Panama at BC Place in Vancouver for a pre-tournament match. But according to TSN’s Rick Westhead, that game didn’t happen because Canadian players are still on strike over compensation.

Canada’s men’s national team has released a statement calling for a review of Canada Soccer’s broadcast and sponsorship deals, 40% of World Cup qualifying money, and a joint contract with the women’s team with equal compensation for match fees.

In 2019, Canada Soccer entered into a 10-year agreement with Canadian Soccer Business, an independent company owned by Canadian Premier League team owners. This same contract is today questioned by the national actors of the country.

Canada’s men’s national club declined to practice for Sunday’s game against Panama on Friday and did so for the second time in Saturday’s scheduled practice as well.

The winner of the 2022 World Cup will receive $42 million (USD) of the $440 million in FIFA prize money. According to Westhead’s previous report, Canada Soccer is set to receive just over $10 million after qualifying for the event earlier this year.

Westhead also noted that a source informed him that Canada Soccer has offered to pay its players 10% of that $10 million figure, spending the remaining balance on organizational administration costs, a national training center in Vaughan and to create grassroots initiatives. His source also added that players are asking to receive around 40% of the World Cup bonus instead of 10.

At the moment, Canada are scheduled to face Curacao at BC Place on June 9, however, it remains to be seen if that game will be played.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18.

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