The Prime Minister sent a message to hundreds of thousands of people ahead of summer and Christmas in the hope of an expected big change.

The Prime Minister called on hundreds of thousands of Australians to get to work this summer, saying ‘we want you’ ahead of a possible pre-Christmas job boom.

Around 280,000 jobs could be filled before the end of the year in Australia if the post-lockdown employment growth trends seen in 2020 end up repeating themselves, an unofficial analysis of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests.

“Australia is safe to reopen and to ensure our economic recovery we want to see more Australians in jobs this Christmas and this summer,” said Scott Morrison.

“There are hundreds of thousands of jobs available and we want you. “

Last year Australia lost 855,000 jobs during the shutdowns, including 265,000 in NSW, 195,000 in Victoria, 198,000 in Queensland and 95,000 in Western Australia.

By December, when the lockdowns were lifted, about 725,000 – or 84% – had been recovered.

Since the Delta outbreaks this year between August and October, around 330,000 jobs have been lost.

But if the same 84% trend in 2020 is repeated, Australia could recoup 280,000 jobs before the New Year.

International travel is also now open, JobKeeper is no longer in place, and vaccination rates have eased lockdown fears.

Online job posting figures released Wednesday show there were 250,900 job postings in Australia in October, when lockdown restrictions were lifted in NSW, Victoria and Canberra.

During this period, NSW saw a 16.9 percent increase in job postings, followed by Victoria which saw a 15.2 percent increase.

Job vacancies for hotel workers increased in October, as there were 3,300 additional worker positions to be filled, according to the National Skills Commission report.

Laborers’ jobs were mainly made up of food preparers, cleaners and launderers.

ABS figures show the country’s unemployment rate topped a six-month high of 5.2% in October, with more people looking for work amid strict Covid restrictions relaxed.

The underemployment rate – when a person is employed, but would like more hours – also rose to a 12-month high of 9.5%, with many businesses not operating at full capacity.

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