An online trader has claimed to have lost an impressive amount of bitcoin after a simple mistake and is begging a tech giant to help him get it back.

A cryptocurrency trader claims he lost £ 900,000 (AU $ 1.676 million) of Bitcoin when he accidentally deleted a WhatsApp photo that contained security passwords.

The anonymous Reddit user posted his riddle to the Bitcoin subreddit as he implored tech-savvy people for advice on recovering the image in one form or another.

In the post, the user explained that a friend had already offered him 25 BTC in his wallet, along with a recommendation to introduce “start words” to protect his investment.

As a security measure, the trader claimed he tried to send a photo showing his passwords to the friend as a backup if something went wrong.

The friend immediately told him it was his responsibility and the user removed the photo from the app thinking it was stored elsewhere.

However, fast forward to the present day, and the user told Reddit that he bought a new phone and sought to save around 6,000 photos and videos from his old device.

And it wasn’t until after looking for the password-filled image that the merchant was shocked to find it wasn’t there.

“To my horror I think what I had to do when I deleted the photo from her phone I had to check the options ‘also remove media in this chat’ and so that has it too deleted from my phone, ”he wrote.

“I have spent the last two days going through my old photos in the hopes that I missed the photo, but to no avail.”

The user went on to say that he is now seeking help from tech giants and the general public in order to recover his photo.

He continued, “If I contact WhatsApp, will they be able to retrieve the photo? I know the approximate date and time, is there any chance they saved this file because before it left my phone and got to my friends house it had to go through the WhatsApp server ?

“I was also wondering how to contact them about this, like if they were looking for it and finding it, they might realize that it is 12 starting words.

“I know at this point to never store anything like this digitally, but by the time this happened I had only been in the crypto world for a few hours.

“Any ideas please. “

Most of the Redditors responded with stern advice, giving advice on how it should be more tech-savvy.

One user wrote: ‘You can run recovery software for your phone and hope to get it. WhatsApp can’t help you, and I wouldn’t trust them with this information even if they could.

“Take the time to learn the basics.”

Another added cruelly: “On the bright side, think about the experience he gets. “

However, losing Bitcoin is much easier than you might think.

Earlier this year, a man lost $ 510 million in Bitcoin after throwing away his hard drive.

A trader lost $ 2 million in Bitcoin when his crypto password was stolen last month.

The richest Bitcoin trader in the world is said to be lost $ 5 billion in one month after the crypto bubble burst last month.