The data of 7 million cardholders circulates on the dark web. It is accessible via a public google drive link.

The sensitive details of 7 million debit and credit cardholders are available on a public Google Drive document that has circulated on the dark web.

The leaked database also includes PAN numbers for 5 Lakh cardholders. Screenshots of the leaked data reveal that the database, which is 2 GB in size, is on a public Google Drive link.

Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, commenting on the data breach, said: “The availability of this sensitive data on the dark web is strong evidence that businesses need more stringent data handling policies for internal users and third-party providers who use this data. for outsourced services. We have seen the impact of such information leaks, such as crooks posing as digital wallet providers calling KYC or offering quick loans, easy credit cards etc. to result in monetary loss of These persons “.


“As every business pushes to educate their customers about not sharing OTP, CVV, card and account number, etc., the primary source of this data is the businesses themselves. It is their approach to data security that these companies must consider reworking and preventing.It is only with strong data privacy law that companies will seriously consider data security and work on protection. consumer data, ”he added.

The cases of data breach have increased in 2020 and such data breach surely poses a great threat not only to personal information but also to a person’s finances.

It was recently discovered that the famous GoSMS Pro app leaks user data and still doesn’t care to fix it. Before that, it was the case of BigBasket which endangered the data of 20 million people. These are just a few of the long list of data breaches this year and they need to stop as soon as possible.

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