AUSTRALIA – Financial information consultancy DBM Atlas has announced a partnership with RDA Research to provide access to data for marketing, media and information professionals.

DBM Atlas is the flagship brand of the analysis and research agency DBM Consultants, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in February.

The collaboration with RDA, a Sydney-based developer of tools for market planning and adding external data, will deliver three new DBM Atlas tools.

The first is DBM geoAtlas Explorer, a comprehensive audience mapping and research tool, integrating over 500 DBM Atlas variables, including product holding, intent and consideration for deposits, cards, loans, insurance and wealth.

DBM geoAtlas + Quick Append, on the other hand, provides the ability to instantly add DBM Atlas variables to customer and survey databases. This self-service drag-and-drop tool allows users to add and profile smaller databases with DBM Atlas financial services attributes.

Finally, DBM geoAtlas + Living insights allows users to add and profile large databases (>20,000 records) at scale via web, SFTP and API interfaces. These database enhancement tools have the advantage that they can work without personally identifiable information (PII).

“DBM Atlas is the most comprehensive financial services database of its kind in Australia, comprising over 80,000 respondents a year,” commented DBM Consultants Managing Director Kipling Zubevich. “Our partnership with RDA Research will provide access to exclusive and unique data and insights for marketing, media and information professionals.”