San Francisco: a new law imposed Apple add iPhone and MacBook repairability scores high for its online store in France.

The repairability scores are required by a new French law that came into force on January 1 to reduce waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

According to a report by MacGeneration, the rating takes into account characteristics such as the ease with which a device can be disassembled and the availability of repair manuals and spare parts.

“Links to the final score for each product, with details of how they were calculated, are available on this support page,” reports The Verge.

Apple product ratings vary by product and generation.

The newly launched iPhone 12 lineup has scores of six out of 10, while the iPhone 11s from the previous year are rated lower, between 4.5 and 4.6.

The improvement in the iPhone 12 series is due to the fact that “the new iPhones are easier to disassemble than the models of the previous year and the spare parts are cheaper compared to the cost of the phone itself”.

The new French novelty is still in its infancy and could be extended to other product categories in the future.

Samsung also offered an online repair guide for its Galaxy S21 Plus to improve its repairability score over the previous year’s model, according to reports.


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