The 200 richest Australians have emerged unscathed from the pandemic and are making the money, with the elite group now worth $ 480 billion – up 13% in the past six months.

Mining mogul Gina Rinehart topped Australia’s rich financial journal list once again, becoming Australia’s richest person with a record $ 31.06 billion – up $ 2.2 billion in just six months.

The 2021 Rich List reveals where the economy rebounded from last year’s recession, with iron ore, retail and real estate being the big winners, fueling the wealth of the top 200 countries.

The wealth of the rich list is equivalent to 25% of the annual gross domestic product of AU $ 1.9 trillion.

This year sees a record number of women with 39 on the rich list, representing 18 percent of the list.

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With the price of iron ore now at record highs thanks to surging demand from China, Western Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest comes in second with wealth of $ 27.2 billion, up from $ 23 billion of dollars.

Controversial character Clive Palmer has also seen his wealth drop from $ 9 billion to $ 13 billion and now sits in seventh place.

Technology and shopping

But the rich listers of the tech industry are nibbling the heels of miners.

Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, from Australian tech giant Atlassian, now have fortunes of over $ 20 billion each.

Mr. Cannon-Brookes was third at $ 20.18 billion, from $ 16.93 billion, and Mr. Farquhar was fifth with $ 20 billion, from $ 16.69 billion. Atlassian recently announced that staff will only be required to come to the office four times a year.

The global surge in online shopping gave Anthony Pratt’s cardboard box maker Visy a boost, placing it in fourth place with $ 20.09 billion, up from $ 19 billion.

Melanie Perkins, 34, and Cliff Obrecht, 35, are in the top 10 thanks to their graphic design software company Canva.

The couple are now worth $ 7.98 billion, up from $ 3.43 billion last year, and they also claim the title of youngest rich listener in the top 10. The average age of a Rich Lister is 66. years.

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Alongside Ms Rinehart, Melanie Perkins’ rise to prominence marks the first time two women have been in the top 10 rich since 2016.

“The remote work revolution is also helping fuel the wealth of the country’s tech billionaires. The fortunes of Atlassian founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar surpassed $ 20 billion for the first time as their paying customers surpass 200,000, ”added Michael Bailey, co-editor of Rich List. .

“Canva is another software as a service made in Australia that is gaining global ubiquity. Founders Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht have made their way into the top 10 of the Rich List as their streamlined graphic design platform brings together an active user population on par with the Italian population.

Australia’s real estate obsession reaching new heights, Meriton founder Harry Triguboff increased his fortune from $ 14.42 billion last year to $ 17.27 billion in 2021 and takes sixth square.

The real estate developer recently made headlines for controversial comments where he called bosses “parasitic” if they let their staff work from home.

Hong Kong-based real estate mogul Hui Wing Mau rose from fourth to eighth place as his wealth fell sharply from $ 18.06 billion to $ 11.70 billion.

Frank Lowy’s timing to offload Westfield in 2018 kept his wealth stable at $ 8.5 billion, placing it in ninth place.

A record number of billionaires

Australia now has a record 111 billionaires, and the deadline to be on the rich list stands at an all-time high of $ 590 million, compared to the $ 540 million needed to secure a spot in 2020.

The rich list also includes eight billionaires in the elite “ten-figure club” – those whose wealth exceeds $ 10 billion.

“The commodity boom is fueling a generation of extraordinary wealth among our wealthy listers. Collectively, the Rinehart family is worth $ 40 billion, which is double the next richest family on the list, the Pratts, ”said Julie-anne Sprague, co-editor of Rich List.

“This year’s rich list features a record number of women, many of whom have built their businesses from scratch and expanded overseas. Among them are Jo Horgan from Mecca, Tania Austin from Decjuba and Megan Wynne, an occupational therapist who now heads the $ 1.5 billion human services giant, APM.

New entrants

Overall, this year’s rich list features 20 new entrants, including Tania Austin who debuts at number 153 with $ 721 million, thanks to the success of fashion chain Decjuba.

Tesla chair Robyn Denholm is also worth $ 688 million and ranks 162nd, based on the electric carmaker’s stock options she chose.

Grant Petty and Doug Clarke, who round out the list at 199 and 200 with $ 592 million and $ 590 million, are also the co-founders of Blackmagic Designs whose sales of affordable and high-end cameras and video production equipment have exploded. at the request of YouTubers and social media influencers.

Pandemic-fueled affection for shopping for sneakers and streetwear saw Tah-nee and Simon Beard, owners of Gold Coast-based Culture Kings, debut on the rich list with a wealth of $ 626 million . Aged 32 and 37, they are among the youngest on the list.

In a welfare story, former NRL player Wes Maas, who played for the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the early 2000s, bought a bobcat and dump truck in 2002.

His construction company Dubbo is now worth around $ 1 billion, with Mr. Maas debuting on the 2021 rich list with a wealth of $ 593 million.

Across the country, 72 of the Rich Listers were from NSW, Victoria had 58, Queensland had 21, Western Australia had 20 and SA, NT, ACT and Tasmania each picked up one each.

Ten richest Aussies

1. Gina Rinehart – $ 31.06 billion

2. Andrew Forrest – $ 27.25 billion

3. Mike Cannon-Brookes – $ 20.18 billion

4. Anthony Pratt and his family – $ 20.09 billion

5. Scott Farquhar – $ 20 billion

6. Harry Triguboff – $ 17.27 billion

7. Clive Palmer – $ 13.01 billion

8. Hui Wing Mau – $ 11.70 billion

9. Frank Lowy – $ 8.51 billion

10. Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht – $ 7.98 billion


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