Global Finance is not an approved depository agency in Fiji, people got scammed thinking they would get immediate loans after paying deposits and fees

People are informed that a specific warning has already been given by the Reserve Bank of Fiji that an entity presenting itself as Global Finance is not an approved depository body in Fiji, and should not solicit, accept , nor receive any form of deposits from the General Public.

The Consumers Council of Fiji says complaints continue to surface against dishonest companies since the Fiji Consumers Council’s last consumer alert in the media, warning Fijians of Global Finance Limited and then Potential Business Solutions.

Board CEO Seema Shandil said the company’s unscrupulous operations were first uncovered in 2020, which has since scammed many Fijians on the pretext that they would get immediate loans after deposits were paid. and contributions.

Shandil says this company goes around communities and holds many workshops, attracting people with different products that they have to offer only to disappear when deposits have been received for the so-called loan products.

She says that many follow-ups of those affected have been ignored and their cell phone numbers have been blocked.

Shandil says that recent consumer complaints and subsequent inquiries by the Council have revealed that Global Finance is still operating actively and that Fijians are still victims of the frontage orchestrated by this company.

In the past 8 months, the Board has received over 20 complaints against Global Finance with a monetary value of nearly $ 24,000; that consumers have lost.

In one of the last cases filed with the Commission, a consumer paid $ 4,565 in membership and filing fees to obtain a loan of $ 15,500.

Shandil says that while an agreement was signed between the two parties, the so-called owner of Global Finance disappeared after receiving the money.

She says that the Complainant’s numerous follow-ups have been futile.

Shandil says the Global Finance operator uses his charm, communication and persuasion skills to extract cash deposits from consumers for quick loans; which never succeeds.

She says the individual in question is a notorious con artist who roams and prey on vulnerable communities across Fiji; including rural and maritime areas and recent cases reveal Taveuni and Savusavu as its target areas.

The Council urges consumers to be vigilant and always check the credibility of people and businesses offering them similar services and to check their background through online searches and, if in doubt, to immediately request the help from the Council to avoid wasting their hard-earned money on these questionable individuals and practices.

Due to the criminal nature of the cases, the Council referred the complaints to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Fijian Police for investigation and works closely with the Department to protect Fijian consumers.


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