Google Play Store often sees the presence of fake and shady apps that can harm users and possibly need to be removed to maintain user privacy and safety. As part of its recent app cleanup practice, Google removed several suspicious loan apps that claim to offer quick loans to harassed users, resulting in the deaths of many people. Read on to find out more about it. Read also – UEFA Euro 2020: Colorful Google Doodle kicks off European Football Championship

Google takes action against questionable loan applications in India

Various personal loan applications have been removed from the Google play store. Hundreds of loan applications have been reviewed following reports of abuse by users and government agencies. Reports suggest loaner apps violate Play Store security policies. Read also – Android 12 beta 2 rollout: New privacy features, changed design and more

Google, in a blog post, mentionned, “We have reviewed hundreds of personal loan applications in India, based on metrics submitted by users and government agencies. Apps that violate our user security policies were immediately removed from the Store, and we have asked the developers of the remaining identified apps to demonstrate that they comply with applicable local laws and regulations. Apps that fail to do so will be removed without notice. In addition, we will continue to assist law enforcement agencies in their investigation of this matter.Read also – Sundar Pichai: 5 Interesting Facts About Google CEO That You’ve Never Heard Before

Although some of these have been removed, developers of other apps are required to provide proof that apps comply with app store policies.

This happens despite the fact that Google banned loan apps from the Play Store that require users to repay the amount within 60 days or less.

There is no word on how many loan apps have been removed, but there are a few known names including 10 minutes loan and Ex-Silver. The apps offered users short-term small to medium-sized loans without having to provide a lot of paperwork. However, users had to pay high processing fees. It is also suggested that the apps probably had Chinese links and stored user data without their permission.

When users failed to repay loans within the short time required, agents on behalf of the apps followed illicit practices to extract the money, including harassment and threats. Several reports have also suggested that people have committed suicide by not repaying the loan amount. A report of Indian express suggests that a 23-year-old man committed suicide because of the harassment he faced through a money loan app.

On top of that, bank accounts (with nearly $ 58 million) were frozen due to alleged scams by some 30 loan applications.

As a reminder, in August 2020, two money lending applications Monéed and Momo have been found to leak the data of hundreds of millions of Indian users. This highlights how dangerous these apps are. We hope Google will now look into this issue and suggest ways to protect users.

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