New Delhi: India exports of electronic products not only returned to pre-Covid levels, but also hit a record high of Rs 8,806 crore in December 2020, data released by Department of Commerce last week showed.

Of this amount, mobile phones remained the top contributor with exports worth Rs 3,061 crore – or around 35% of the total. electronic exports – which are yet to reach pre-Covid levels which were as high as Rs 3,254 crore.

For 2020, however, electronics exports fell 4.32% to Rs 73,132 crore due to the 45-day production washout when factories shut down. Imports also continued to remain high at Rs 3.5 lakh crore, as India mainly imports components needed to assemble electronic products which are then exported.

outraged smartphones, electronic products include computers / laptops, power inverters, transformers, battery chargers, scanners, printers, speakers, televisions, base stations and microprocessors.

The National Electronics Policy 2019 projects total electronics production in India to reach $ 400 billion by 2025. Almost $ 190 billion, or 48% of that amount, is expected to come from mobile phones according to the reports. official figures.

In addition, the industry estimates that 13% of this production target can be achieved from laptops, tablets or PCs and an additional 22% from industrial electronics.

Although handset production steadily catches up to target levels, FY21 production estimated at Rs 2.14 lakh crore, the laptop and PC segment is still lagging behind.

For example, among all electronic products, laptops / tablets / PCs constitute the largest category of imported products valued at nearly Rs 30,000 crore while exports are extremely low at Rs 122 crore in calendar year 2020. .

The central government announced a production-related incentive program for TIC equipment with a total expenditure of Rs 7,350 crore over a four year period which is expected to generate an incremental production of Rs 3.26 lakh crore, of which 75% will be for export. The program will start on April 1, 2021.


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