Cryptex Finance (CTX) is an innovative crypto product provider. The main offering of the network is an all-inclusive market cap coin. Cryptex Finance is the first company to attempt such a task. The aim of the project is to provide interested traders with real-time price exposure. This approach gives traders the flexibility to speculate on the entire crypto market rather than a particular sector or project.

What problems does Cryptex Finance (CTX) solve?

Cryptex Finance wants to make investing in the decentralized economy easier than ever. The protocol relies on open source infrastructure and advanced financial solutions to achieve its goals. Today, it operates as one of the only investment vehicles where you can trade the entire crypto market capitalization.

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Lack of security

One of the biggest concerns for funds in the past was security. Cryptex Finance tackles these issues in different ways. First, the protocol has undergone numerous third-party audits. Additionally, CTX tokens remain over-collateralized. Specifically, they are guaranteed at 200% of their value.


Before the introduction of DeFi, the financial sector was very exclusive. The best investments have been left to professional and accredited investors. This scenario built an invisible wall that prevented the average trader from profiting. Cryptex allows anyone to hit TCAP.

The protocol is open to the masses to create vaults, approve vaults, and guarantee assets. Users earn returns for their participation based on the amount of liquidity they apply. This approach aligns with DeFi’s goal of reaching the world’s unbanked through a more open entry process.

Lack of liquidity

Many DeFi platforms are suffering from a lack of liquidity in the current market. Their lack of liquidity is the result of a broken DeFi sector. There are many different networks, but most lack the ability to communicate with each other seamlessly. Using SushiSwap is one of the ways Cryptex Finance helps with liquidity issues. SushiSwap is one of the largest and most recognized DEXes on the market.

Advantages of Cryptex Finance (CTX)

There is a long list of benefits and reasons why joining Cryptex Finance could be the right decision for you. On the one hand, if you are looking for complete exposure to the crypto market in a single asset, your options are limited. The CTX token empowers traders. It also provides governance for the entire Cryptex Finance system.

The TCAP token offers DeFi investors, traders, funds, and users full exposure to the total crypto market capitalization in a way that was not possible before. The protocol incorporates powerful Chainlink oracles to ensure price accuracy. This approach is ideal for both experienced investors and newcomers to the market looking for an easy-to-manage asset.

Investing in Cryptex Finance (CTX) - Everything you need to know

Investing in Cryptex Finance (CTX) – Everything you need to know

Passive income

Cryptex Finance users can secure returns in several ways. They can earn fees by minting TCAP tokens and using Single Side CTX staking features. This feature offers major advantages over the competition. Notably, this intake protocol has no blocking periods. There is a short minimum bet period of 7 days. If you withdraw your tokens before this time, you lose your rewards.

Another easy way to secure low-risk passive income is to add liquidity on decentralized exchanges. Users who participate in TCAP liquidity pools on SushiSwap earn a portion of transaction fees. Finally, you can always take advantage of arbitrage opportunities within the DeFi space to generate investment returns.

How Cryptex Finance (CTX) works

CTX provides Cryptex Finance with a workable community governance system. This system can be used to control the issuance of TCAP which is the token that tracks the total market capitalization of the crypto market. CTX provides more transparency to users and ensures that the project continues to accurately represent the entire cryptocurrency complex by total market capitalization.

Cryptex leverages Chainlink’s decentralized oracles and five data points to stay up-to-date on prices. Oracles are off-chain sensors that have the ability to communicate real-time data to and from blockchains. Notably, Cryptex leverages nine different oracles to provide a high level of redundancy to the system.


Cryptex users can secure returns by creating or participating in liquidity pools called vaults. Each chest has different trading pairs. Vaults are open to the public and require no KYC to participate. Just connect your wallet and you’re ready to start earning with your vault.

Cryptex Finance (CTX) - Homepage

Cryptex Finance (CTX) – Homepage


Cryptex Finance also supports DeFi farming. Farming is like staking in that you provide liquidity to a pool in exchange for rewards. The main difference is that farming pools have varying APYs and no future penalties before withdrawal. They require a bit more follow-up from traders but can be very profitable if managed well. Users can create TCAP tokens, join farming pools, and stake LP tokens using network services.


CTX is the main governance token of Cryptex Finance. Holding CTX is the only way to access voting rights on Cryptex. The more CTX you have, the more weight your vote will have. This strategy ensures that only those who are fully invested in the platform have a say in future developments. Since they have the most to lose, it is reasonable to assume that they will act in a way that is prosperous for the project.


TCAP is among the first full crypto market cap tokens to go live. This unique financial instrument allows large companies, traders and investors to finally speculate on the entire market. This strategy is ideal because it requires less research and allows people to benefit from all the best developments throughout the year as the total market capitalization increases.

How to buy Cryptex Finance (CTX)

Cryptex Finance (CTX) is available for purchase on the following exchanges:

Coinbase – A publicly traded exchange listed on NASDAQ. Coinbase accepts residents of over 100 countries, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK & the United States (excluding Hawaii).

Huobi Global – Founded in 2013, Huobi Global has since become one of the largest digital asset exchanges in the world, with a cumulative trading volume of US$1 trillion. It should be noted that Huobi Global currently does not accept residents of the United States or Canada.

Cryptex Finance (CTX)

You have to hand it to Thomas Matzner, co-founder of Cryptex, and the rest of their team to create a useful way to join the blockchain revolution. Cryptex is ahead of its TCAP token. It will be interesting to see what other cool tokens this team comes up with in the coming weeks as the protocol expands its functionality. So far, Cryptex Finance has succeeded in creating a completely new type of token.