Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest producer of computer chips and smartphones, has halted all shipments to Russia.

“Due to current geopolitical developments, shipments to Russia have been suspended,” the company said in a statement on Saturday. “We continue to actively monitor this complex situation to determine our next steps.”

A Samsung Electronics spokesperson confirmed to the Financial Times that the decision was made following U.S. technology-related export controls announced by Washington last month.

The suspension applies to all Samsungs Electronics products, ranging from semiconductors and smartphones to consumer electronics, including televisions, printers and refrigerators.

The company also announced that it would donate $6 million, including $1 million in consumer electronics, to support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

Samsung is the Russian market leader in smartphone sales, with Russian revenue accounting for around 4% of the company’s global smartphone revenue.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which controls more than half of the world’s custom contract chip market, has already pledged to fully comply with US export controls.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company, Korea’s top automaker, confirmed on Friday that it has halted production at its St. Petersburg plant, after shipments of key components from South Korea were also suspended.