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LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, today announced the 2021 Top LinkedIn Companies List in 20 Global Markets, the annual guide that identifies the best places for professionals to grow their careers and develop their skills. The 50 companies on the US list are currently hiring, with more than 300,000 jobs currently available.

At the top of the American list are tech titans and Top Company alumni Amazon (# 1) and Alphabet (# 2), joined by leaders in finance and telecoms JPMorgan Chase & Co. (N ° 3), AT&T (# 4) and Bank of America (# 5). The rest of the list is dominated by companies whose products and services have helped navigate the new way of life during the pandemic – from healthcare to technology, shipping to retail and real estate. to automobiles – many of which are new to the roster this year. . The best companies invest in employee success, career development, equity and inclusion to ensure that they continue to be among the best places to work for employee growth now and in a post-world world. pandemic.

“The past year has presented extraordinary challenges, and the best companies have realized they need to put their people first,” said Daniel Roth, LinkedIn editor. “Our new Top Companies methodology has allowed us to discover companies that invest in the skills and growth of their employees – whether through training, advancement opportunities or relationships – as we all navigate the new normal. . And for those who are out of work or looking for their next job, all of the companies on this list are hiring, with over 300,000 open positions and plenty of lessons on the skills they invest in to help guide your own career. . “

Here are the top 10 companies on the list:

  1. Amazon
  2. Alphabet
  3. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  4. AT&T
  5. Bank of America
  6. IBM
  7. Deloitte
  8. Apple
  9. Walmart
  10. EY

The top trends in the top companies list include:

  • HELP AMERICA TO HEAL. 10% of this year’s Best Company list winners are in the healthcare industry, and healthcare workers have been needed more than ever by the pandemic. Majority of companies are new to the list, bolstering their crucial demand over the past year including UnitedHealth Group (N ° 11), CVS Health (N ° 15), Kaiser Permanente (# 23) and HCA Health (No. 34). In addition, the Top Companies alum Johnson & johnson (# 30) returns to the list for the fourth time this year. Many of these organizations reimburse it internally, with HCA Health (# 34) develop a pandemic payroll program that offers 70% of salary if employees are unable to work, and Kaiser Permanente (# 23) offering employees $ 3,000 per year for continuing education.
  • PRIORITIZE A VARIOUS WORKPLACE. The majority of the best companies are committed to improving fairness in the workplace and beyond, with financial support, increased representation in management and the development of retention and mobility programs. Alphabet (N ° 2), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (N ° 3), Bank of America (N ° 5), UPS (N ° 45), Raytheon Technologies (# 16) and others have pledged major financial commitments to help tackle economic, social and racial inequalities, and many are engaging in partnerships with HBCUs to improve fairness in hiring. Many companies have internal programs that focus on retention and membership, such as Amazon the (# 1) Future Engineer Childhood to Career initiative and his commitment to overtaking black leaders in the United States; Deloitte (# 7) ‘s Healing Circles program to hold critical discussions on mental health and wellness related to racial injustice; and Verizon (# 14) Skills training programs for women around the world and allies.
  • BUILDING OUR NEW LIFE AT HOME. As we settled into our pandemic life – moving to bigger spaces, traveling the country and ordering whatever we needed – the businesses that helped build more of a life at home have exploded. New to this year’s list, Keller williams (# 20) and Genealogy (# 31) offer growing opportunities for real estate professionals as the market continues to soar. Car manufacturers General Motors (# 37) and Ford Motor Company (# 44) are also making their debut. FedEx (# 42) and UPS (# 45) are integral to the pandemic experience for many people, as are retailers Walmart (N ° 9), Target (# 28) and Home depot (No. 48). Many of these companies invest in their employees, with UPS (# 45) offering degree courses at no cost to their workers, and the Walmart (# 9) Academies program that offers immersive training in functional and translatable skills.
  • THE FLEXIBLE FUTURE OF WORK. When the pandemic changed the way many people were used to working, companies stepped up to ease the transition. Many large companies now offer flexible working hours and styles: Cisco (# 22) reduced the workload by 20% thanks to its temporary reduced work week, and PwC (# 17) gave employees the ability to create reduced hours and task sharing. Many of these companies have also implemented mandatory “free hours” and company-wide days off to promote balance. Others provided additional resources for parents, including childcare allowances and distance learning assistance for employees’ children.

The full list of top US companies, plus additional global market listings, interviews, and special articles, can be found here. To join the conversation on social media, search for @LinkedIn and #LinkedInTopCompanies.

Top LinkedIn Company Methodology

Top Companies is part of the LinkedIn List franchise, an ongoing editorial series that celebrates professionals and companies with impact in the professional world. The Top Companies methodology uses data from LinkedIn to rank companies based on seven pillars that have been shown to lead to career progression: ability to grow; skills growth; business stability; external opportunity; affinity with the company; gender diversity and training. A detailed description of the methodology is published in the LinkedIn Top Companies article. This year, LinkedIn publishes the lists of the best companies in the region APAC (Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan), EMEA (France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Arab Emirates United, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), LATAM (Brazil, Mexico) and NAMER (Canada, United States). To be eligible, companies must have at least 500 employees by December 31, 2020 in the country and staff reductions (including attrition and layoffs) cannot exceed 10% (based on LinkedIn data or announcements public). Only parent companies make the list; majority-owned subsidiaries and data relating to these subsidiaries are included in the score of the parent company. All data counts are normalized according to the size of the company in the pool of companies eligible for the list. The methodology schedule runs from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. All data used is aggregated and / or anonymized. We exclude all recruiting and recruiting firms, educational institutions and government agencies. We also exclude LinkedIn, its parent company Microsoft and its subsidiaries.

LinkedIn connects professionals around the world to make them more productive and efficient, and is transforming the way businesses hire, market, sell and learn. Our vision is to create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce. LinkedIn has 756 million members and has offices around the world.

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