The decentralized finance niche has grown in popularity in recent years and has evolved rapidly. However, some inherent problems persist which make it inaccessible to the ordinary person. The presence of dApps with complex user interface scares off potential users and the low liquidity problem faced by most decentralized exchanges discourages investors from interacting with it.

A prominent issue is the high transaction fees that users of the Ethereum network incur, coupled with its scalability issues. To this end, the MappedSwap protocol was built on the Eurus blockchain to solve these problems.

What is MappedSwap?

MappedSwap Protocol is a decentralized and on-chain cross-margining exchange built on Blockchain Eurus and is designed to offer users ten times more funds to trade on margin on its platform.

It offers a highly optimized and intuitive user interface design that meets the needs of both beginners and veterans as they can both easily navigate the platform and other available marketplaces. With the features of MappedSwap, the barrier of entry for users is reduced as the protocol offers users huge liquidity, low trading fees and low slippage, which in turn provides a user-friendly way to invest. beginners.

The team chose Eurus Blockchain for its interoperability with the Ethereum network and its advantage of the high speed of Hyperledger technology. Eurus Blockchain is specially designed to solve the problem of slow transaction speed and high gas fees on Ethereum. It is a private chain connecting Ethereum (Mainnet) and businesses around the world and enabling faster digital asset transactions and payments through our cross-chain bridge.

What makes MappedSwap different?

MappedSwap offers the following features to its users

Safe and secure

The security of its users is a priority of the protocol, and it uses its smart contracts and blockchain security to provide high-level protection for user funds. The Eurus blockchain on which MappedSwap is built is highly secure and users do not need to trust other parties with their funds.

High capital efficiency

To increase user assets, MappedSwap allows users to use funding tools to swap available DeFi protocols, which gives users up to 10x the funds allocation.

Accessing loans is relatively easy on MappedSwap, as users can access fast loans with a slippage tolerance of less than 0.01%. The trading fees set by the protocol are among the lowest you can find on the market, especially compared to UniSwap and PancakeSwap. MappedSwap charges 0.3% trading fees, calculated per swap.

High liquidity

Since liquidity is an issue unique to decentralized exchanges, MappedSwap prides itself on its high liquidity. It has over $6 billion tied up in liquidity pools, providing traders with adequate liquidity for their trades.

Fast transactions

MappedSwap aims to solve the problem of scalability and provide users with fast transactions. It solves this problem by using its fast network technology capable of executing trade settlements in 2 seconds, allowing users to grasp market dynamics in real time.

Sponsorship Program

MappedSwap allows users to earn as you go through the referral strategy. It allows users to invite friends and families to register and start trading on the platform. It offers users up to 80% discount.

MappedSwap giveaway campaign

MappedSwap is launching a promotional campaign from April 13 to May 12. They plan to give away more than 800,000 MSTs in total and provide referral and staking discounts in MST to users during this time.

To lower the barrier to entry, MappedSwap has proposed a plan to allow new users and referrers to earn MST during this campaign period while encouraging users to take advantage of the 10x margin trading feature to increase opportunities. negotiation and gain. Participants also hope to cast a giant net through referrals by sharing their referral code with their audience to improve individual earnings.

One of the main goals of the April campaign is to encourage users to keep betting to earn more STDs. Users must trade, wager or refer to earn MST. When the trade referred, the user will earn MST.

MappedSwap users can trade, earn and leverage the leading decentralized crypto trading protocol, and it allows users to earn up to 80% in staking and referral rewards. MappedSwap is an invite-only online referral protocol, if you don’t have a referral code, all you need to do is trade or stake MappedSwap to get one.

All new users get Free 0.1 EUN, covering around 100 transactions on the Eurus networks. This only applies to new wallet addresses connected through MappedSwap, to help users trade and stake for free.