The Jerry’s 27th Street Market building will make way for the mixed-use development of Whitewater Station. Photo by Teya Vitu.

A $ 10.5 million mixed-use development is underway for the former Jerry’s 27e Street market site a few blocks east of the future Esther Simplot park.

The Corner at Whitewater LLC offers a four story structure on the corner of 27e and Stewart Avenue in Boise’s West End with 8,071 square feet of street level retail and 23 condominiums above. Five two-story townhouses would fill the rest of the block at 28e St., said Michael Jobes, partner of 2 North Homes, home developer in Boise and managing member of The Corner in Whitewater.

The Whitewater Station proposal aligns with the 30e Street master plan written in 2012 by the City of Boise and the Capital City Development Corp., which is the city’s redevelopment agency. Twenty-seventh Street and Whitewater Park Boulevard are two fingers that fit into the 30e Street District which the City of Boise calls the West End.

The master plan calls for a “Hyde Park-style neighborhood shopping district” for the block encompassed by 27e, 28eStewart and Regan Avenue.

Whitewater Station offers one mixed-use building (left) and five townhouses.  Image courtesy of CTY Studio.

Whitewater Station offers one mixed-use building (left) and five townhouses. Image courtesy of CTY Studio.

Jobes and Jeanette Newbold, another partner of 2 North Homes and Managing Member of Corner at Whitewater, have full mastery of the master plan and the neighborhood and have adapted Whitewater Station to meet the ambitions of the master plan for businesses, condos and homes in row.

Over the past five years, 2 North Homes has built 15 homes in approximately four blocks of 27e and Stewart, with four more under construction, Jobes said.

“We saw this area as a perfect area for urban revitalization,” Jobes said. “This is the location. You are close to the city center. You are near the Greenbelt and Esther Simplot Park. It was run down and neglected for many years. We really love this area. We love the urban infill.

The Jerry 27e The street market building was constructed in 1952 but the store closed in April. Jobes acquired the Jerry’s Market building three months ago and later learned that the nearby Islamic temple wanted to sell its building. The sale closes in October to give Corner at Whitewater the south side of the Stewart block of 27e to 28e streets.

The Corner at Whitewater partnership also includes Trig Point Capital LLC of Denver with Blane Harvey and Leigh Alderton, two other managing members.

“Our goal with Whitewater Station is to create a sense of place in the neighborhood, offering different types of housing that can match different market prices, with a mix of retail stores to commercial restaurants,” Jobes said. He was planning a first shovelful of soil in the spring, with completion in late 2017 or early 2018.

Commercial real estate broker Jay Story of Story Commercial in Boise is under contract with the City of Boise as the West End Project Coordinator and he also interacts with Whitewater Station.

Matt Ciranni, vice president of the Veterans Park Neighborhood Association, said the neighborhood needs more business development.

“Jerry’s Market was an asset to the neighborhood,” Ciranni said. “It’s more of what we’re looking for. We want something that caters to the locals instead of exploiting them, a cafe rather than another quick loan place.

Jobes envisions a cafe, brasserie, small restaurant or possible small shop at street level.

The project architect is Dwaine Carver of CTY Studio in Boise. He said the commercial / condo building will be 30,281 square feet with 16 one-bedroom units ranging from 653 to 788 square feet and seven two-bedroom units ranging from 793 to 924 square feet.

The fourth story of the structure will be set back 10 feet to reduce the height of the facade and also provide individual and shared roof terraces, Carver said.

The five townhouses will each measure 1,694 square feet, he said.

No general contractor was selected, Jobes said.

In McCall, 2 North Homes is currently developing a 72-unit townhouse project with three mixed-use commercial plots and is doing design work on a mixed-use project in Sun Valley, he said.


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