MSM Unify, a one-stop marketplace for international education, partners with LiquiLoans, a peer-to-peer technology loan provider.

KELWONA, BC, CANADA, February 3, 2022 / — MSM Unify, a single market for international education, partners with LiquiLoans, a peer-to-peer technology loan provider. This new link allows students using MSM Unify to benefit from fast and secure loans for their international education needs.

Founded by a group with extensive knowledge of remittances and financial services, LiquiLoans uses technology that connects lenders and borrowers. This eliminates the fees that most banks and credit institutions charge for such a service. This results in cheaper and more affordable loans. Plus, it doesn’t require any collateral, which means you can easily get a loan without the stringent requirements of most lending institutions.

With approximately 30,500,000 free applications for federal student aid completed in the 2020-21 school year, LiquiLoans’ technology system provides more affordable loan repayments, as well as faster, more secure loans, perfect for international students.

With Liquiloans, a student can easily qualify for a student loan in three (3) simple steps:
Easy registration: enter all relevant data such as name, address. the purpose of the loan and contact details.
Rapid verification: With a technology-based system in place, verification of identity and requirements is possible within hours.

Receive funds: Once everything is in order, the funds will be transferred to their designated bank account.
To qualify for a student loan, students must:
Be 18 years or older
Have a valid and verifiable address
Have an existing bank account for funds transfer
Proof of regular income or ability to pay
Be an Indian resident

“At Liquiloans, we believe in pursuing your dream of higher education without limits. For this reason, we are looking at ways to structure to study abroad ready to meet your needs and the cost of your education,” notes Nikhil Lalit, Head of Strategic Alliances at LiquiLoans.

With the latest partnership with MSM Unify, students who participate in the various one-stop marketplace services will find it easier to avail student loans and achieve their dreams much faster, especially with the all-in-one services offered by MSM. Unify.

“Students are at the center of recruitment, and MSM Unify is building an ecosystem where students can find virtually anything related to their international study journey, including how they will fund their education,” shares Avinav Sharma, Chief Strategy Officer. and business operations. at MSM Unify. “This partnership echoes this idea: there is a solution to their educational needs.

Help your students invest in their education with MSM Unify and LiquiLoans.

About LiquiLoans
‌In a world where obtaining funds takes years with a ton of paperwork, at LiquiLoans we strive to streamline and speed up the entire process for a hassle-free financing solution. By using technology to match borrowers and lenders through a peer-to-peer platform, we intend to create a marketplace that not only speeds up the process, but also makes it cheaper. LiquiLoans makes it easier to secure and fast loans to finance their studies abroad. dreams
“Take a breath of relief and let us solve your problem with our quick loan transfer process”

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