National Financial Broker Day (NFBD) will be celebrated on October 13, with brokers from across Australia taking the time to celebrate our industry and all the hard work of brokers across the country.

This year’s theme will be Broker Resilience, an appropriate choice given the enormous challenges the broker chain has faced over the past 12 months in keeping the show on the road despite prolonged lockdowns.

“National Financial Broker Day was established in 2015,” said Dino Pacella, National Director of Partnerships at Simplicity Loans and Founder of NFBD.

“I took it upon myself, after joining the third-party channel, to get customer feedback on what they thought brokers were doing and their reviews on the products they were providing. “

“I thought it would be great if we had a day to celebrate awareness of the broker industry, as well as use the day and preparation to promote the videos that come out, the social media posts and the articles that go with it. . “

“This year, given everything that has happened with the pandemic, we thought we would have a broker-focused celebratory event on the topic of Broker Resilience. This is what 2021 is going to be.

This year’s event will feature a discussion on how brokers can be more resilient and help themselves and their colleagues meet the challenges they face.

“We’re going to have a super resilience trainer coming to present at NFBD on October 13th, and for me it’s about brokers making sure they have the right mindset: we’ve seen it through RU OK? Day a few weeks ago and the industry support around that, ”Pacella said.

“It’s about making sure they have their processes correct, to make them as efficient as possible and to make sure that the support network is there. “

“Particularly over the past 20 months, being a solo trader has been more difficult than it has been for brokers who work as a team with support staff, team leaders and others. brokers who are aligned with them.

“I work for a trade brokerage firm as the head of national partnerships, and we make sure that there is regular catch-ups with this support network and that there is time for the day-to-day issues that brokers face. are faced in their current roles, and that there is dedicated time to follow people, have a dedicated conversation, even if it’s on Zoom, have a beer and talk about life in general.

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