Companies will work together to promote and support adoption of lupine in the food industry

Building a farm-to-table ecosystem for lupine in Canada

Building a farm-to-table ecosystem for lupine in Canada

Building a farm-to-table ecosystem for lupine in Canada

CALGARY, Dec. 16 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today, Protein Industries Canada announced a project to make lupine a staple crop in the Canadian agri-food sector.

Lupine Platform Inc., Hensall Co-op, Lumi Foods and PURIS have come together to establish an integrated ecosystem to increase lupine production and processing in Canada. The $ 7.3 million project will develop a lupine supply and value chain, from plant production to the development and manufacture of ingredients and functional products.

Lupine is widely recognized as the legume with the highest seed protein content and a unique composition of starch and oil. Lupine is an emerging crop for Canada with significant growth potential, presenting an excellent opportunity for Canada to meet the growing demand for high quality plant-based protein ingredients.

“By supporting unique projects like this, Protein Industries Canada is creating new opportunities for innovation and growth in the plant protein sector,” said the Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “We are proud to partner with this supercluster to provide Canadian farmers with more options to help feed Canadians and meet the global demand for plant-based foods and ingredients.

The consortium, each member of which represents a link in the value chain, will focus on identifying the varieties of lupine best suited to Canadian growing conditions, developing and improving technologies for cleaning and treating seeds, determining the value of lupine co-products and creating new formulations and food products.

“Lupine is an exciting new crop for Canada that will bring new value to the Canadian ecosystem of plant-based foods and ingredients, benefiting the entire value chain, from farmers to end consumers,” said Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada. “This project is a demonstration of the importance of innovation in boosting the Canadian economy. By helping Canadian SMEs innovate new crops, ingredients and products, new businesses are created and new products are brought to market, leading to the creation of well-paying jobs. for Canadians.

The project will be led by Lupine Platform Inc., a new company that will oversee ecosystem development and provide inputs and expertise to activities related to agricultural research, commercial-scale lupine production, to protein extraction and functional characterization, as well as ingredients and value. -added development of products such as lupine drinks and baking mix.

“We are absolutely delighted to be part of this consortium and to work together to accelerate the development of the lupine ecosystem in Canada, from seed to fork,” said Tristan Choi, CEO of Lupine Platform Inc .. “The lupine has a unique composition which makes it an attractive source of herbal protein ingredients. It also fixes nitrogen in the soil and is naturally disease resistant, reducing the need for inputs, reducing emissions for sustainable farming practices, and benefiting Canadian farmers who add it to their rotations. “

Hensall Co-op, one of Canada’s largest agricultural cooperatives, will undertake agronomic research and trials for the new crop, and use in-house equipment and know-how to develop technologies for cleaning, husking and efficient and scalable grinders that are suitable for commercialization at the processing level. In addition, Hensall hopes to develop data relating to the dietary value of lupine in the nutrition of monogastrics and ruminants.

The new lupine ingredients will then be used by Lumi Foods and PURIS to develop new herbal products for consumers across North America.

Lumi Foods (formerly Blue Heron Creamery), a maker of premium cheeses and herbal products, will use lupine in its proprietary cheese-making process. Over the past three years, the company has explored different ingredients to develop a line of alternative, nut-free dairy products, and the high protein content in lupine makes it an attractive ingredient in the formulation.

PURIS, a company that works at the intersection of growers, manufacturers and eaters to deliver sustainable nutrition from plants, will support the effort through innovation and product development to deliver planet-friendly food, good taste and accessibility.

“Hensall Co-op is thrilled to be a part of this opportunity,” said Brad Chandler, CEO of Hensall Co-op. “We believe that the alternative protein industry will grow in the years to come and that being involved at this point will help provide future growth opportunities for both our co-op and our member base.”

“Lumi Foods is very happy to participate in this consortium. We had the opportunity to do some preliminary research on lupine and were looking for a Canadian supply, ”said Karen McAthy, CEO of Lumi Foods. “This opportunity to further develop our range of cultured plant-based cheeses and dairy alternatives using this sustainable high protein crop, and to work in collaboration with other companies with similar values ​​regarding the environmental impact, and the evolution of herbal options for the consumer, is extremely exciting. We are very excited to bring some of our new lupine-based cheeses to market at the start of the new year.

“PURIS was founded with the aspiration of a planet strong in plants. We see sustainable protein as a fundamental piece of this puzzle and we are delighted to continue to support the development of legume-based proteins and their supply chains, ”said Nicole Atchison, CEO of PURIS Holdings. “PURIS will apply its expertise in the formulation and development of plant-based foods to the application of lupine flour and protein to create products that tick the boxes for today’s conscious consumer. We look forward to partnering with fellow members to bring this supply chain to life, from farm to fork.

This partnership marks Protein Industries Canada’s 24th technology project and its 29th overall. Working with industry, Protein Industries Canada has committed more than $ 433 million to the Canadian ecosystem of food, feed and plant-based ingredients.

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About Lupine Platform Inc.

Lupine Platform Inc. (LPI) is a Calgary-based agribusiness focused on building vertically integrated lupine value chains in Canada, from seed to fork. The main strength of LPI lies in its ability to complete the fully integrated supply chain, from the control of seed distribution rights for five varieties of lupine optimal for Canada and the United States, the accumulated experience of best practice management for lupine cultivation, protein processing and extraction trade secrets, and the ability to tap into local and international distribution chains for food and feed applications.

About Lumi Foods

Vancouver-based Lumi Foods (formerly Blue Heron Creamery) is on a mission to accelerate humanity’s transition to an animal-free food system by inspiring consumers to reinvent dairy, starting with cheese. Lumi uses traditional cheese-making methods fueled by scientific innovation to enhance the taste, texture, aroma and performance of plant-based cheeses. Lumi develops and produces better, milder alternative dairy products from a wide variety of sustainable plant materials using emerging food technology and strategic partnerships to advance its mission.

About the Hensall cooperative

From the humble beginnings of Hensall Co-op in 1937, the organization has grown into one of the largest non-financial co-operatives in Canada. Today, Hensall is a leading diversified agri-food company based in Canada, providing grain and bean, feed, agronomic, energy and logistics marketing services locally and globally. Proudly farmer-owned, the group has facilities across Canada, employs over 500 people and has over 5,000 members.

About PURIS Holdings

PURIS Holdings is an Iowa-based company positioned at the intersection of food and agriculture technology focused on scaling up a sustainable global food supply. PURIS develops non-GMO corn, soybean and pea seeds designed to excel on the farm and provide sustainable nutrition for the planet. With its closed-loop system, PURIS is partnering with farmers across the United States to grow its seeds before redeeming the crops and turning them into sustainable ingredients and plant-based foods. PURIS is constantly innovating to identify ways to build a smarter food system that connects growers, manufacturers and eaters, delivering impact and value for all to build a plant strong planet.

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