Oz Lotto’s $50 million jackpot is gone, but officials say the winners may have no idea they’re now millionaires. Check the numbers here.

Oz Lotto officials are trying to get in touch with a Queenslander and a West Australian who won the $50 million jackpot.

“The winning pair may not yet have discovered their life-changing news,” The Lott said.

The winning Queenslander purchased their entry online at thelott.com. Lotterywest will liaise with the winner from Western Australia.

The winning numbers you needed this week were 17, 31, 22, 11, 26, 36, 4 and the two extra numbers were 16 and 6.

Lott’s spokesman Matt Hart said repeated attempts to phone the new Queensland multi-millionaire had failed.

“I was ready to confirm the new winner of Oz Lotto Division 1 just after the results of tonight’s draw came out, but unfortunately every time I called the number provided it got just rang and went straight to the message bank,” he said. “If you see a number of missed calls on your phone, you might be the winner we’re trying to reach.

“You may not think you’re the Division 1 winner we’re looking for, but if you’ve purchased an online entry to this week’s Oz Lotto draw that you haven’t checked off yet, you have a luck !

“We urge all Oz Lotto players to check their entries as soon as possible. If you find you hold the winning Premier League ticket, contact The Lott on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize,” a he declared.

The $50 million jackpot was the biggest matched jackpot the game had offered in over two years.

In the last five Oz Lotto draws, no entry has held all seven winning numbers in a single game board needed to score the Premier League, bringing the jackpot to $50 million.

If no one is lucky enough to win the prize tonight, the jackpot will continue to grow.

The Oz Lotto jackpot hasn’t topped $50 million since June 2019.

In 2021, there were 18 Division 1 lottery wins that collectively netted over $279 million in prize money.

Six of those Premier Division winning entries landed in Victoria, five in New South Wales, three in Western Australia, two in Queensland and one in the Northern Territory and one in South Australia.

The money up for grabs tonight is so enticing that lottery officials estimate one in six Australians will have a ticket to the draw.

Last year, news.com.au spoke to a Sydney man who won a $30 million prize, similar to the money that could be won tonight.

The 30-year-old ex-tradie told news.com.au: “What my motto has become, I guess winning the lotto doesn’t make you happier, it just makes life easier. .

“If you’re not happy and want to win the lottery (to change that), you’re going to be terribly wrong.”

The man spoke to news.com.au on condition of anonymity after having “strange” experiences when telling friends and family about his newfound millionaire status.

“People came out of the woodwork,” he explained.

“A lot of people find out through the grapevine, they never ask you. I had someone I hadn’t even seen since I was in school, probably 15 years ago.

A very close friendship soured because “they didn’t take it well” when he told them he was now a multi-millionaire.

He has since bought a house for himself, a vacation home and a boat.

Lott’s spokesman Matt Hart said he would be the one calling to let whoever won tonight’s lottery know he was an instant millionaire.

“I will be ready to announce the life-changing news for all registered Division 1 winners straight after Tuesday night’s draw, but to do so players must register their entries on a player card or account. online,” he said. .

“You need an entry to stand a chance of winning, so make sure you have your ticket before the draw ends at 7:30 p.m. AEST on Tuesday evening.”

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