A college education is expensive.

Know the best options for university loans is crucial for your future.

With a good choice, you save money, lower your interestand possibly eliminate some debt.

What is the difference between a federal loan and a private loan?

A federal loan is a loan offered to students or future students by the federal government. The US Department of Education funds federal loans.

A private loan comes from a private enterprise.Banks and private syndicates usually lend money to students or their parents.

Who is eligible for a federal and private loan?

Federal and private loans have various eligibility criteria. Nevertheless, here are the most common criteria to meet.

Federal Student Loan Criteria

The students who need financial help or have the same parents can apply for multiple federal student loans.

Economic need is crucial for obtaining a federal loan. However, federal loans are exclusively for education.

Private loan

Compare a private student loan with a federal loan is easy.

While the federal loan help people in economic strugglethe private loan will check the income, credit history and credit score of the person asking for the money.

Another difference is that you can use your private loan for anything you want.

There is no problem if you use the money to buy clothes, food or electronics.

Which loan is the best?

The federal student loan is better than the private loan.

Federal loans have lower interest rates and flexible repayment options than private options.

Nevertheless, there is a spending restriction on federal loans, it is advisable to explore all federal student loans first and use the private loan as a last resort.