The novel Syqe® The inhaler with its precision dosage helps relieve symptoms with lower risk of side effects

TORONTO, April 28, 2021 / CNW / – Syqe Medical®, a global leader in pharmaceutical and technological technology, today announces that Health Canada has approved the Syqe® Inhaler, the first pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis delivery device system that provides predictable and consistent dosing per inhalation.

Syqe® Inhaler (CNW Group / Syqe Medical)

The Syqe® The inhaler’s metered delivery system allows the patient to benefit from very low doses of medical cannabis and its unique, user-friendly design is easy to understand and use for physicians and patients alike.

“Syqe Medical® is proud to bring this first-class device, which delivers a specific dose of cannabinoids with each inhalation, helping to relieve symptoms with little or no adverse reactions, ”said Perry davidson, founder and CEO of Syqe Medical®. “We hope that the Syqe® The inhaler will help alleviate doctors’ concerns about side effects and psychoactivity when prescribing medical cannabis. “

According to a recent post-marketing report, patients using the Syqe® The inhaler, at one year and beyond, did not report any adverse effects.I

Due to its predictable, accurate and consistent microgram dosing capability, the new drug delivery technology helps remove the uncertainty around dosing and allows physicians to consider and recommend appropriate doses of cannabis. medical with more consistent results.

“This proprietary technology has great potential for the medical use of cannabis,” said Dr. Peter M. Blecher, Medical Director, CPM Centers for Pain Management. “Cannabis for medical use has been hampered by unreliable dosing methods, such as smoking, and doctors have searched for a suitable alternative. Finding the dose that provides a consistent result has been problematic for healthcare professionals.® The inhaler, with its precision and consistent micro-dosing capability, can satisfy this unmet need. It is now possible to provide relief to patients without adverse effects. “

A multiple-dose, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by Syqe Medical® and published in the European Journal of Pain confirmed that microgram doses of THC (the main psychoactive component of cannabis) administered via the Syqe® The inhaler may be effective in relieving pain without psychoactive effects.ii

Study shows that an optimal effective dose is 500 micrograms of THC – A typical medical cannabis patient consumes one gram of 15 percent THC cannabis per day, which contains 150,000 micrograms of THC, 100 times the amount needed for relief pain. As a result, the study shows that when THC is delivered with greater precision to the patient, lower doses are needed, resulting in greater overall efficacy and fewer side effects, such as potentially debilitating psychoactivity. . Therefore, as the study demonstrates, the Syqe® The inhaler with its first-class metered dosing capabilities and pre-filled medical cannabis cartridges allows first-time patients to benefit from predictable microgram doses of THC with unprecedented precision and low risk of side effects unwanted.

“Before being approved in Canada, the technology used in the Syqe® The inhaler has undergone ten years of research and development, including testing in a variety of research trials, ”said Michael milloy, Managing Director of Syqe Medical® in Canada. “We are proud of the extensive research that has been carried out to bring the inhaler to Canada and the rigorous clinical evidence that supports its use. “

The Syqe® The inhaler will be available through Syqe Medical® Canada in partnership with a licensed Canadian producer for people with a valid medical authorization document.

About Syqe ® Inhaler
The Syqe® The inhaler is the first pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis delivery device system. It is a portable, single patient device designed to accurately aerosolize multiple doses of raw granulated herbs. During two seconds of heating and aerosolization, initiated by the actuation of respiration, THC acid undergoes a process of decarboxylation into the form of pharmacologically active THC. The device engages automatic temperature and flow rate controllers that ensure aerosol delivery of cannabinoids to the lungs, regardless of the individual patient’s inhalation pattern. Thereafter, the device requires minimal inhalation training.

About Syqe Medical®
Syqe Medical® is a pharmaceutical technology company developing technologies that allow precise delivery of a wide range of therapeutic molecules by inhalation. Using its new technology, Syqe Medical® aims to relieve the suffering of as many patients as possible in the fastest possible way. The revolutionary Syqe drug delivery technology now enables hundreds of existing and preclinical drug molecules to be considered for inhalation, radically altering their clinical profile and addressing significant unmet needs. For more information, visit: www.syqemedical.com.


I Data on file

ii Almog, S., Aharon-Peretz, J., Vulfsons, S., et al. The pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and safety of a novel dose-selective cannabis inhaler in patients with chronic pain: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. European Pain Journal. May 23, 2020. https://doi.org/10.1002/ejp.1605

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