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According to the reports, the finance ministry has asked its officials and male employees to resume their duties from Saturday. But the employees were ordered to stay home “until a suitable working environment is provided.”

If employees do not resume their duties, they will be marked as absent and may also be terminated.

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According to the data, there are around 400,000 government employees, including 120,000 women, mainly working in the education sector. About 5,000 Afghan women also work in the security sector.

Meanwhile, the Taliban hoisted their flag on Saturday at the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul. This development comes as the group strengthens its grip on the country after taking control last month.

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Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has also been placed on high alert as the threat of a possible terrorist attack hangs over the city. The city faces the danger of a possible attack from ISIS-K militants.

The threat came shortly after sources warned authorities of a possible suicide truck attack during a protest on Thursday.

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