Our apprentices contribute to one of the largest environmental cleanup programs in the world and during the week we will be sharing their stories.

This year’s theme is “Building the Future”, and that’s exactly what our apprentices are doing.

To mark the 15th annual Learning Week, we are launching a new finance learning program based across our group of companies.

The new pilot program is sponsored by the NDA and will help support our efforts to future-proof our mission by ensuring we have the right skills in place at the right time to deliver on our mission to clean up the UK’s first nuclear sites.

David Vineall, NDA Group HR Director, said:

“Our mission to clean up the UK’s first nuclear sites is one of the largest environmental remediation programs in the world, with work at some of our sites continuing for over 100 years.

“Attracting new talent to our businesses is essential to enable us to fulfill our mission, the work we do is varied, exciting and challenging and the opportunities and careers we can offer are rewarding. Apprenticeships play an important role in providing us with a pool of talent.

“I am incredibly proud of our apprentices and the contribution they make to the NDA Group. We have a rich and well-established history of investing in learning and we will continue that commitment and investment for many years to come.

“National Learning Week is a great way to celebrate their accomplishments and thank them for the role they play in the success of our mission.

“The breadth and variety of roles we are showcasing this week demonstrates the diversity of opportunities available within the NDA Group.”

National Apprenticeship Week gives us the opportunity to hear from our apprentices and their learning and development experiences in the workplace. We’ll be sharing their stories on our social media throughout the week.

We will hear about these trainings in a range of disciplines, including quality technicians, health, safety and environment, welding, nuclear operators, project management, firefighting and business Administration.

Katie Wightman, who was named Britain’s Nuclear Apprentice of the Year at the National Skills Academy Nuclear Awards 2021, now works at Sellafield Ltd. She said:

“Joining the nuclear industry has truly changed my life. What’s great about the industry is that it’s constantly changing and diverse. I really enjoyed it and I knew I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to be part of the change.

“I respect what Sellafield Ltd and the NDA Group stand for, the challenges we face together and the way we support each other and our local community. It’s a company I wanted to be part of and I’m proud to say.

MP Jack Lopresti, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Apprenticeships, said:

“I am a strong supporter of apprenticeships, because they are an open door to the world of work. Apprentices earn while they learn.

“I’m glad that National Apprenticeship Week gives the whole country a chance to see some of the great work done by apprentices with great support from employers.

“As we rebuild after the Covid pandemic, we need to reset our economy for a rapidly changing world. Apprenticeships in the nuclear industry represent opportunities in a world-class industry and are exactly the kind of skills our country needs.

Find out more details or apply for NDA Group finance apprenticeships here.