Prince Edward Island Finance Minister Darlene Compton said Islanders “stood behind each other” last year as local businesses were one of the most important economic regions. strongholds of the province.

Prince Edward Island has released its 2020 statistical review, which suggests the economy could have been much worse.

Minimum wage workers have been hit hard by COVID-19 closures, Compton told CBC’s Louise Martin in an interview for Compass.

“The folks on minimum wage, they’ve been really affected by the shutdowns and downturns in the service industries and retail sales. These are some of the people we are concerned about moving forward.”

It’s a problem that she and her counterparts hope to solve, Compton said.

“I think that’s something we’re going to be looking at across the country,” she said. “It’s really hard to get these people back to work because a number of them have changed jobs and maybe a little better paying jobs.”

Compton said she expects the PEI economy to be will rebound to its pre-COVID-19 growth.

“At the start of the pandemic we were in a very good place and we plan to go back,” she said.

“I think overall there is a real positive buzz about Prince Edward Island when it comes to the future. But we have to make sure that we are there for the industries that have really suffered.

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