LONDON – Amazon faces some competition: A new study from digital marketing agency Croud says nearly 10% of UK shoppers have used TikTok for their online purchases.

The report, “The State of Fashion Online in 2021,” surveyed over 1,000 shoppers in the UK, US, Germany and Italy and also found that when asked where they started their journey when shopping for clothes or shoes online, in addition to TikTok, 28% of UK shoppers said they did so on Instagram, 18% on Facebook and 7% on Snapchat.

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Emil Bielski, UK Managing Director at Croud, said: “It should be noted that a considerable number of UK shoppers have used TikTok, a relatively new app, to start their fashion shopping journey, in particular. when you compare it to Facebook or Snapchat. , which have been around for many years. This suggests that the age of a social platform is not a barrier to its success in commerce; rather it boils down to the experience it can provide to the right audiences on the app.

During the pandemic, around 36% of those polled said they had purchased an item of clothing or a shoe by clicking on a social ad or post in the past year, and around 54% of British respondents said they planned to ‘buy more clothes online in the next six months, indicating that the trend is here to stay.

At the same time, the report shows that around 33% of respondents in the UK said they were concerned about privacy when shopping on social commerce platforms. This is the highest percentage for this factor compared to their American, German and Italian counterparts in research.

Asos, Next, Amazon, M&S and H&M are the top five most popular retailers for UK shoppers for purchasing clothing, while Asos, Amazon, Next, Nike and Clarks are the top five retailers for UK shoppers for the purchase of shoes, according to the report. .


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