One of the UK’s leading property finance specialists has announced the successful completion of an ambitious £ 2.25million bridging loan. The UK Property Finance team worked with Hope Capital to organize the bridging loan which needed to be arranged as quickly as possible to meet pressing deadlines.

The installation enabled the client, a London homeowner, to borrow against an existing house for rent in order to buy, renovate and resell several properties at a profit. As occupants of the BTL property were isolating themselves with COVID-19 at the time, the lender, Hope Capital, organized an investigation and in-car appraisal of the property.

This allowed the client to access the necessary funds before the short delay, ensuring that COVID-related issues did not complicate the transaction.

Innovation, communication and transparency

“It is always a pleasure to work with our friends at UK Property Finance and Freeths. Prompt and transparent communication was essential to ensure that we could get this deal done on time. Many thanks to Lisa and Sian from UK Property Finance, Luke to Freeths and everyone else involved, who helped us get this case through so quickly and efficiently. Laura Carr, Underwriting Manager at Hope Capital

The collaboration between UK Property Finance and Hope Capital has enabled the client to move forward with their ambitious investment plan, at a time when securing funds against their BTL property would have proven to be nearly impossible on the High Street.

Fast and efficient financing

“Working alongside the Hope Capital team was a joy, they were very efficient and worked quickly to resolve any issues that arose in the process. The client wanted quick financing and that is exactly what was provided by the team at Hope Capital and everyone else involved. The smooth process provided by Hope Capital has been a relief for the client and for the UK Property Finance processing team.Sian Taylor, Processing Executive at UK Property Finance.

Quick access bridge financing organized by an experienced broker can be a particularly profitable solution when you are looking to raise large amounts of capital as quickly as possible; Bridge loans can also be used to purchase most types of non-standard and uninhabitable properties, ideal for investors who are considering renovating them and reselling them for a profit.

If you would like to learn more about bridging finance or discuss the benefits of bridging loans in more detail, contact a member of the UK Property Finance team for a no-obligation consultation.

About UK mortgage finance:

UK Property Finance is a fully independent and FCA regulated organization specializing in smart financial products and advice to buyers and developers. The company also operates bridgingloans.co.uk, which is the UK’s leader in arranging and brokerage of smart financial solutions. Although newly formed, this dynamic group of companies has already gained a solid top-to-bottom reputation in the UK with private property buyers and commercial developers.


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