Payment was made against the 2019 reporting year.


On May 31, 2021, Ukraine processed the first payment on government derivative securities, or GDP-linked warrants, in the amount of US $ 40.75 million.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Finance in response to a request from UNIAN.

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“On May 31, 2021, Ukraine processed the first payment on state derivatives in the amount of US $ 40,750,645.60,” he said.

The payment was made against the 2019 baseline year, he added.

Additional placement of Eurobonds

  • Previously, the Ministry of Finance announced the need to pay US $ 40 million on GDP warrants relative to GDP growth in 2019.
  • In August 2020, the Ministry of Finance made an additional placement of Eurobonds maturing in 2020 for an amount of US $ 0.33 billion, which was fully used to complete settlements for the repurchase of securities. government derivatives (warrants linked to GDP) on the open market. , which became possible thanks to the changes introduced in the Law on the National Budget of Ukraine in April 2020.
  • On September 1, 2020, the Ministry of Finance repaid the second set of external government loan bonds issued during debt restructuring in 2015. The total payment amount exceeded US $ 2 billion.
  • Background

  • In November 2015, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine announced that the public debt amounting to US $ 18 billion had been partially restructured. New securities maturing from 2019 to 2027 with a yield of 7.75% per annum were issued with government derivatives as part of a bond swap.
  • According to then-finance minister Natalie Jaresko, investors participating in debt restructuring would not receive payments on derivatives with Ukraine’s GDP growth below 3% after 2020. However, they will be paid when the country’s GDP growth exceeds this level.
  • The State Statistics Service reported that Ukraine’s real GDP growth in 2019 was 3.2%.


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