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US nuclear marks start of era of space mining with landmark trade deal

US nuclear marks start of era of space mining with landmark trade deal

Los Angeles, CA, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – On April 15, 2021, US Nuclear Corp. (OTCQB: UCLE) signed a landmark commercial agreement with Solar System Resources Corporation that marked the beginning of the era of space trading and mining. The new agreement sets preliminary prices for high-value materials to be mined. It also establishes and expands our cislunar and solar value chain and adds SatRevolution as a new partner. The agreement is an extension of the letter of intent signed on February 5, 2021 and describes how the US Nuclear and Solar Systems Resources Corp. plans to cooperate in the creation of a value chain starting with the mining and sale of precious metals of helium-3 and lanthanide and other materials. space deposits.

Solar Systems Resources Corporation Sp. Zoo is a space mining company that performs the localization, in situ verification and extraction of space resources. A third strategic partner, SatRevolution SA, one of the main suppliers of nanosatellites, is also participating in the construction of the value chain mentioned in the agreement. The deal, if concluded in its entirety, could be worth several hundred billion dollars and will pave the way for a new frontier of mineral resources in space.

The deal comes in the form of a memorandum of understanding and highlights include:

  1. Delivery of 500 kg of extremely rare helium-3 isotope from space deposits in 2028-2032. The current market price for helium-3 is $ 16.6 billion per tonne.

  2. Helium-3 deliveries in subsequent years of 300 kg (or more) per year.

  3. US Nuclear has received the exclusive rights to use, sell and resell helium-3 and rare metals lanthanides in North America (including future non-conflicting areas of the Artemis agreements in space), provided by Solar System Resources Corp. from spatial deposits.

  4. Solar System Resources Corp. has been granted the exclusive rights to use, sell and resell the space related products and services developed by US Nuclear Corp (and its current / future subsidiaries) in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, as well as sales made where the buyer and seller are on the moon, on Mars or in space.

  5. The joint construction of the value chain has started, starting with space resources and space infrastructure, passing through transport, fusion energy and space propulsion, products and services, and ending with end-companies end and individual clients on Earth and in space. To this end, the parties will actively seek and invite investors and business partners interested in creating and participating in such a value chain.

  6. In addition to storing and selling suitable high-tech products, the parties will carry out joint space mining missions, process and refine the mined materials, and provide other space mining related services that will allow significant margins. higher than raw space resources alone.

  7. The parties will seek to support the United States (and its allies), the NATO military and the development of the operational capabilities of the United States Space Force.

  8. By 2050, the parties will strive to establish a network of space reserves available for civilian operations, in particular the U.S. government / Space Force, comprising:

    1. Networks of power plants that store electricity and allow rapid recharging of docked ships that have had access to the reserve.

    2. Liquefied gases: O2, H2, CH4, technical gases.

    3. 500 tonnes of helium-3 isotope, which, at Earth’s current price of $ 16.6 billion / tonne, equates to $ 8,300 billion, or 39.65% of U.S. GDP in 2020.

    4. Metals essential to the American economy and security. Expected reserve value of up to 1% of US GDP.

    5. Water: The predicted value of the water reserve is 0.1% of U.S. GDP in 2020 ($ 20.93 trillion), which at an expected lunar water price (WGM report) of 0, $ 5 million / tonne, equivalent to 41,865 m3 some water.

It is perhaps surprising that the parties include ordinary water as a rare and valuable commercial good. However, it is expected that the spacers will be willing to pay high prices to suppliers who can find, collect and make deliveries of H2O.

In addition to potable water, water will be needed for industrial and chemical processes. Water is also useful as a source of deuterium as a fuel for nuclear fusion power and as a source of hydrogen for fuel cells in many tools and equipment intended for space exploration.

The Polish company SatRevolution SA is already participating in the construction of the value chain mentioned in the contract as a third strategic partner. SatRevolution SA ( is one of the most innovative companies in the field of small satellites, operates globally, has successfully deployed several nano-satellites and is working on its own mega constellation of Earth observation satellites called REC. Adding SatRevolution SA to the value chain is just the start, and US Nuclear and Solar System Resources Corp. is also in talks with other partners from different continents and various industries.

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