The government of Western Australia is offering aid grants of $ 3,000 to small businesses affected by the recent foreclosure.

Premier Mark McGowan told reporters on Friday that although the lockdown only affects the Perth and Peel areas, some regional businesses would also be eligible for the grants.

“This is because we recognize that regional businesses have lost customers as the school holidays approach,” he said.

Over 15,400 businesses in Perth and Peel, as well as 2,300 businesses in the Washington State area may be eligible, including hospitality, tourism, foodservice, fitness, beauty and the performing arts and other.

“We understand that the $ 3,000 will not cover all costs for all businesses, but it will provide a significant help with cash flow,” said McGowan.

The state government committed $ 41.5 million for the new grants and Mr. McGowan rejected the suggestion that it was not enough.

“This is the most generous program of its kind in Australia and obviously on a daily lockdown basis it has been more generous than those in place in NSW, Victoria and Queensland,” he said.

The Perth and Peel areas were put into four-day lockdown after a physiotherapist contracted Covid-19 in Bondi and unwittingly brought it home with her, spreading the virus to other members of the community.

After the instant lockdown, there were a series of lingering restrictions, including the use of masks.

But on Monday, the strict measures – including capacity limits and service restrictions – are expected to be lifted after WA recorded no new cases of the coronavirus for the fifth day in a row.

“In short, WA is poised to return to life, the life we ​​love, an open and free community, and most importantly, safe,” Mr. McGowan said.

Meanwhile, Victoria is now considered a “very low risk” state under WA’s strict border rules.

Mr McGowan said the Northern Territory was also on track to become a “low risk” jurisdiction on Monday morning.

But the Prime Minister has signaled even tighter restrictions on travelers from NSW, most of whom are barred from entering Washington state.

“If it gets more out of hand in New South Wales, we’ll have to see what else we can do,” he said.

“Some people are still allowed to fall into the exempt category. “

Some people may come in on compassionate grounds, but McGowan hinted that those rules could be tightened.

“It’s just an ongoing analysis,” he said.

The report of no new cases overnight is a relief after more than 50 staff, patients and visitors to the Geraldton Health Campus were seen as casual contacts of a crew member infected with the MV virus Emerald Indah.

The sailor had spent up to three hours in the hospital emergency department on Sunday before being transferred to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth where he remains in stable condition.

Mr McGowan said genomic sequencing showed the man had contracted the Delta variant.

“This is obviously worrying and justifies the very cautious approach we have taken,” said the Prime Minister.

He said 46 of 55 casual contacts had so far given negative test results.

A hospital worker who was not wearing personal protective equipment when he entered an elevator shortly after the crew member exited was considered close contact and was isolated.

More than 5,000 Covid-19 tests were carried out on Thursday, Mr McGowan said.

More than 11,000 people were vaccinated against Covid-19 on Thursday, including more than 4,000 who received their second dose.

Authorities are monitoring 11 active cases – six linked to the group from the northern suburbs of Perth, four travelers back in quarantine at the hotel and the sailor.

“All of the close and casual contacts identified in the Northern Suburbs community group have so far tested negative,” the WA Department of Health said in a statement earlier Friday.


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