Viewers of Uzalo find it hard to believe that the supposed main character, Gxabhashe, is really dead. LIZEKA MADUNA speculates.

An imperfect family man has died, a man of God is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and the only person who knows what really happened isn’t about to confess .

It’s only been a short time since Muzi Xulu, aka Gxabhashe, head of crime, was assassinated, but conflict is already raging in the Xulu families. The elders want his wife, Mangcobo, to agree to take his body to her birthplace for burial and her murderous brother Mkhonto is already acting as the head of the family.

Pastor Melusi Mdletshe remains in prison for murder. His family are struggling to prove his innocence, but the lawyer has made it clear that Mdletshe could go to jail for a very long time.

Meanwhile, the church choir is determined to sing at the funeral. But since the conductor is the pastor’s son, this may not happen. Gxabhashe’s family have also made it clear that the pastor’s wife, Manzuza, is not welcome near the grieving Xulu family.

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Gxabhashe and Mdletshe were the heads of their respective families. Without either of them, how are the two families going to handle things?

At the moment, speculation is rife that Gxabhashe did not actually die during filming and that actor Mpumelelo Bhulose could still return to Uzalo. Many viewers have vowed on social media to never watch the drama again if Gxabhashe is truly dead. It remains to be seen whether they will carry out this threat.

It seems unlikely that Bhulose will return to the role, and recent television has shown that no show relies on a single actor or character.

But even if Gxabhashe somehow returned from the dead, how would the writers explain this? Could he have faked his death or made a miraculous cure? Soaps are known to push the boundaries of credibility, but apparent death is not easy to explain.

There is another camp who believes that it is possible that, if Gxabhashe returns, the secret of the baby swap that lies in the heart of Uzalo will be revealed and the two families will unite.

But where is the drama in there? Might as well end the show there. I guess Gxabhashe or not, the mystery of the baby swap, won’t be resolved anytime soon.

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