When you ask those who drink WhiteCap Lager why they have chosen this alcoholic beverage over all the others available on the market, you will get mixed answers. Personally, I choose it from all the others because of its unique and consistent taste.

Others, like lifestyle influencer Mwirigi, will tell you that they drink WhiteCap because it goes well with anything he does, including meals. For the media personality, Miano Muchiri he prefers because of its rich history and the way it fits into his lifestyle. According to digital influencer Nyokabi, it’s the perfect drink you can use to relax. Why do you drink WhiteCap?

WhiteCap Lager, a product of Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), organized a series of events called WhiteCap Brunch, to promote beer and its association with various Kenyan dishes. They have organized various events. WhiteCap started with two editions of the brunch, in november 2018 and in March 2019, in partnership with EatOut and various restaurants in Nairobi and Mombasa. They later picked it up in 2019 with brunches at the Kenya International Polo Tournament and Country Roads Festival in Thika.

On Mashujaa Day October 20, 2019, they continued the brunch experience by hosting a unique WhiteCap brunch experience at the Enashipai Resort and Spa in Naivasha. They offered attendees a combination of WhiteCap Lager and a brunch experience featuring Kenyan food.

The WhiteCap brunch at Enashipai was just Ksh. 4000 per person and Ksh. 1200 for internal customers. The menu consisted of Kenyan dishes including breakfast, chicken, nyama choma, chicken biriyani, beef biriyani, ugali, chapati, viazi karai and dessert. The price of the brunch included a free WhiteCap Lager.

As usual, the Volkswagen Kombi WhiteCap Lager was on hand to provide icy WhiteCap to the participants.

As usual, WhiteCap Brunch in Naivasha provided an unforgettable experience featuring the best Kenyan cuisine paired with the best beer in the world. The next WhiteCap brunch will be on December 8 at Country Roads Nanyuki. I can’t wait to see you all there.

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