Woolworths has again been named Australia’s most trusted brand, beating hardware chain Bunnings for a second year to win the top honour.

Other household names featured in their respective categories, including Kmart as Australia’s most trusted department store and Apple as the most trusted technology company.

Qantas was named Australia’s most trusted airline despite a series of service problems at airports, while Australia Post was still the most trusted service company after severe delivery delays plagued the post belonging to taxpayers last Christmas.

Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine said that while the COVID-19 pandemic has upended many norms over the past two years, the importance of trust for big brands has continued.

“The pandemic has led to an explosion in savings rates in Australia over the past two years as travel restrictions and several severe lockdowns in various parts of the country have forced people to save money and find new opportunities. new outlets for that spending,” Levine said.

“Although this unexpected windfall cannot always be spent on the recreational and personal activities that people usually undertake, major retail outlets have been able to take advantage of the past two years and cement their reputations and brands in the minds of consumers. consumers.”

Ups and downs for supermarkets

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles go through periods of intense panic buying, stockouts, COVID safety measures and crippling staff shortages.

But Roy Morgan said Woolworths had won over customers with high quality products, a customer-focused attitude and an affordable price, with respondents saying they provided “reliable, honest, not too expensive and quality service “.

“Praise for Woolworths shows other businesses…the importance of building trust in improving a company’s reputation,” Ms Levine said.

Woolworths has navigated the uncertainties of the pandemic to become Australia’s most trusted brand. Photo: AAP

“At the same time, The Fresh Food People’s commitment to promptly addressing any complaints or issues that arise prevents feelings of mistrust from negatively impacting business results.”

Hardware chain Bunnings again missed out on the top award this year but won its industrial category, cementing its place as Australia’s most trusted retailer outside of supermarkets.

There were a few other interesting inclusions on this year’s list, with companies that have come through the ringer during the pandemic still managing to maintain trust with customers.

Qantas is one such company, which is once again becoming Australia’s most trusted airline, despite thousands of customers being unhappy over the past six months with delayed flights and mishandled luggage.

Australia Post has also been named Australia’s most reliable service company, despite the large number of parcels causing long delays for many customers, especially at Christmas.

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