As Christmas approaches, many of us will have to take a last minute run to the stores to buy something that we were supposed to buy much earlier.

But there is no need to stress.

Australia’s largest supermarket chains will keep most of their stores open during the holidays and only close on Christmas Day.

Read on for TND guide to supermarket opening hours during the holidays.


With the exception of some regional and metro stores in New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia, most Woolworths stores will continue to operate next week, at the Christmas day exception.

That said, some stores may have reduced trading hours during the holidays.

Find your location on the Woolworths website to check your local store’s trading hours.


Most Coles stores will continue to trade next week, with the exception of Christmas Day, although some regional stores in Western Australia and Queensland will be open less often.

As with Woolworths, Coles will operate reduced trading hours at certain stores during statutory holidays.

You can find out when your local store is open by searching for your location on the Coles website.


The European retailer is keeping it simple this year, leaving all of its stores open except Christmas Day.

However, Aldi stores will have reduced trading hours on Christmas Eve, so don’t leave your last minute shopping too late.

To check the hours of operation for your local store, search for your location on the Aldi website.